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Improved Documentation for BL - Specifically collectionAccess Module

A while back, I emailed y'all about using projections with Kinvey. It was explained that this was not currently supported. Unfortunately, I think the answer was based on using the Kinvey API. Projections are not supported there. However, I assumed this meant I was NOT able to use projections at all even in collectionAccess.

Today, I tested and discovered I was mistaken. Using the collectionAccess module, I CAN use projects. The documentation does not show this.

So my question / request.

I can do projections against the DB right now when using find. Is that going to be taken away? If not, can you please update the docs to show the options available to each method? Right now, the docs appear to indicate that options are not supported. Example:

find(query, callback)


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Hey Justin- I like your suggestion. I tagged it under Feature Requests, too.
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