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Business Logic Timeout debugging

So debugging why a script is timing out is proving basically impossible for the custom endpoint I have. I've attempted to put a bunch of debug statements that I can check in the logs, and I know that it's running code that should be triggering the debugs because I can see entries in the db that tells me it got that far at least, but nothing shows up in the logs.

This is open ended... but how am I supposed to resolve this? It is, admittedly, a large and slightly complicated sync script, but even if it's timing out, I should still get logs from what did run.

We haven't added trace logging into BL yet. But I think that’s an awesome idea! Having it would definitely improve debugging and troubleshooting of collection hooks and custom endpoints.

We’re not working on that at the moment but I'll pitch it to the team and see what they think.

Thanks for the feedback.

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