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Was there a recent change with regex query rules?

My application is all of a sudden getting this error.

{"error":"DisallowedQuerySyntax","description":"Your query included syntax that is not supported. Please refer to the debug property or contact support for more information.","debug":"Regular expression in queries cannot be case-insensitive (they must not use the 'i' option)"}

This must be new since I was just using the feature (user search) that generates this error no less than 2 weeks ago. If you are not allowing regex queries with case insensitive searching, how do you propose I handle user discovery as users attempt to search for other users? exact matching seems a bit rigid.

Yes. Now only regular expressions that are ^-anchored are supported. We no longer support case-insensitive or other-optioned expressions.

The best way to handle this is to create a separate field that has a canonical form (e.g. all uppercase) of your data.
Wow, that's a major problem that's breaking a chunk of our code. Regular expressions are valuable precisely because they let you search for text that could be anywhere (in a variety of guises) in the string. How can we search for text that is contained within a longer text entity?
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