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Error on Cloning Environments

Last month, I was performing some environment cloning and I clicked more than once to clone (because it didn't show any feedback), after that, all my console pages are showing a lot of cloning messages.

Can anyone at kinvey help me out?


Did these messages go away eventually? Or are they still visible?
Still visible:
Did any of the cloning complete, or is it all stuck in scheduled?
They are all in scheduling status.

If I set a environment to clone, it clones just fine.

The problem is that for some reason, these cloning process were started, but ignored.

So probably internally they must be deleted or set as completed.
Alright, we fixed those jobs stuck in "scheduled", and we tracked down the root cause of how they got stuck like that in the first place. Thanks for the help and your patience!
Ok. Thank you!
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