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Is there a bug where trying to add a document with _geoloc generates an error

When ever I try adding or updating a document where I have the _geoloc field included, causes the POST or PUT to fail with the error :

"error": "ParameterValueOutOfRange",

"description": "The value specified for one of the request parameters is out of range",

"debug": "Geolocation points must be in the form [longitude, latitude] with long between -180 and 180, lat between -90 and 90"

This is the data in the _geoloc field :

"_geoloc": [




This works fine from inside an application but not from the console. I have even tried to using only the 2 decimal places but it makes no difference.

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Are you using the API Console or the data store view when this fails?
When using the API Console.
Vaughan - looks like the API console isn't properly encoding type information in some cases. The lat/long values you provided are being sent as strings, not numbers, triggering the validation failure. I've filed a ticket to track this down, but in the meantime, I'd suggest avoiding using the API console to manipulate _geoloc field. The data store interface should work just fine, however.
Vaughan - we deployed a fix for this issue, should be working fine now. Let me know if you encounter any issues!
Dave thanks for the feedback, will give it a try and let you know.
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