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filtering collections by _id

Searching for a particular _id in the databrowser's filter fails to return any record as It's a BSON field in mongodb and not a string.

Is there an easy way to apply ObjectID() to my value before the search?

modules.collectionAccess is available in the business logic/custom endpoint code, but not in the datastore tab of the web console ( I want to filter by _id in the web console NOT the BL

Unfortunately, no, not at the moment. The filtering in the databrowser was designed more with searching in mind, rather that _id based lookup. Your use case is definitely valid though. I'll make sure we incorporate that into the roadmap for console improvements.
I really wish the console filtering was better than it is. It's been almost useless for me. Searching for _id is the primary thing I would use it for if it worked. Also, being able to sort by date created would be great.
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