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JSON Upload Feature in Console is Broken

Trying to load a JSON file with 13,585 items and the upload registers an error (no text just "\"\"" and stops at 8190 records). Retried with different files and a clean environment and still receive error after uploading some number of items.

It does not work for the Users collection as well.

This feature has worked reliably for the last 18 months.

Can you please fix?

@ballastlaneā€Œ and others,

I wanted to update you and let you know that this issue has been resolved in our production console and that this workaround is no longer necessary.

Thank you for your report and patience,


It appears as though you found a workaround by using the user upload feature in the legacy console. While this isn't the best way to do it, it does address the issue as a temporary workaround.

For people running into the same issue (for search purposes):

1. Log into the legacy console at

2. Select the App / Environment you wish to work in.

3. Click "Addons" at the top of the page

4. Under "Core" click on users

5. Click "Bulk import" and then select the file on your hard drive.

If for any reason the above explanation does not address an issue you're having, please reach out to support.


I will get back to you about this as soon as possible,

Sent. Thanks!

Can you provide me with a copy of the json file that you are using. You can send that over to me at . We will be doing some internal testing using that file. Thanks,
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