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Setting up relations - GUI


I would like to setup references between 2 collections. Doing this seems cumbersome via the API or the Web console since we need to remember the "_id" of the referenced collection record. It would be wonderful if there could be some sort of GUI to ease setting this up while adding rows to the collection.

I'm not sure if this is already in place and skipped by me.




Is there a way to setup and modify relations in an easy way. I might create 1 new collection called CollectionB with 100 records via the api but without relations. How do I edit this collection later to easily add a column that references an existing CollectionA which has lets say 50 records. Its a very tedious process to manually find the referenced ids.

Can we at least change the ids to be simple auto incrementing numbers so they are easy to reference?

Is there a third party mongo browser that would work with your schema?


At present there is no gui in place to make relations easier to visualize. I will mark your request as a feature enhancement and pass it along to our VP of Product Management.

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