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Trouble using Offline mode

Offline mode is not working on my app with newer KinveyKit (1.18-1.22): no queue created on device, numberOfPendingSaves returns 0, and no sync when switching back online. My store is like this:

KCSCachedStore *store = [KCSCachedStore storeWithOptions:@{KCSStoreKeyCollectionName : @"testObjects",

KCSStoreKeyCollectionTemplateClass : [TestObject class],

KCSStoreKeyCachePolicy : @(KCSCachePolicyNone),

KCSStoreKeyUniqueOfflineSaveIdentifier : @"objects_list",

KCSStoreKeyOfflineSaveDelegate : self}];

Everything is working well with KinveyKit 1.17, but I need to use the file handling functionnalities introduced in 1.18.

Anybody using Offline mode with KinveyKit?

The latest release has the fix:
Hi Igor- There are a few topics now all that are noting the offline storage problem. We're diving in on it and I'll let you know when we have an update.

I noticed the issue first when I updating from 1.17.3 to 1.18.0. Every KinveyKit release since had the same problem.

I can reproduce the issue with you sample app StatusShare-iOS.
Hi Igor,

Thanks for bringing this up! Quick question so I can help address: Are you updating from 1.17 to a newer version and that's how you discovered the issue?
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