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Facebook login - Block creating new user on login (if the user do not exists)

In Backbone.js platform, I can login with a social network and pass an optional parameter ('create: false') telling Kinvey to do not create a new user if no user with the provided social identity exists.


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Can you create this as it's own thread?  The last reply on this was about 2 years ago, so the information contained within is outdated and will not accurately reflect the issue you're running into.


If you created a username with password, then a user is created in the user collection. Then if you log out and use Facebook, whose email is also, to log in (with Facebook), you actually created another user whose username is also This is a violation of unique username. Then many errors will follow.... 

I see now, this currently not supported with the iOS KinveyKit.
I just can't find HOW can I do login with facebook, using this method


and DO NOT create a new user on kinvey if that facebook profile is not linked with an account on kinvey.

I mean, login with facebook never create an account, it is just a shortcut for an existing user for doing login.
Fabrício, what are you looking to have happen?
My question is, How can I do this on login method on iOS?