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Any way to see a list of all objects in the offline cache

I have implemented the new offline caching in my app. I was wondering if there was a way to see all objects waiting to be saved or deleted currently in the cache.

I would like to present the user a list of their changes and let them select items they may not wish to save when the app comes back online.

Hi Nick,

There is currently, not but that sounds like a good idea. The offline update delegate does allow the ability to prevent saves, but that is on a one-by-one basis.
Yeah, I was going to build my own queue of ids waiting for save in the didEnqueObject method, but if that is something you could build in, a way to get a list of all the objects, then it would save me the trouble.

Is it something you would have time to add?
The queued requests are in a SQLite database now. You can access it directly.
As KinveyKit 1.23.0 the offline queue is persisted in a sqllite store. However you should not rely on that, as that store may not reflect the entire queue (as items are loaded into/out of memory). In addition the schema is not documented because it is still in flux as we plan on rolling out additional improvements over later releases.
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