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Offline endless syncing loop

When coming online with queued saves, I get the following error:

2014-01-27 20:53:03:877 /Users/mike/work/ios-library/tags/1.25.0/KinveyKit/KinveyKit/Source/KCSEntityPersistence.m:462 [ERROR (DATA)] Error converting id array string into array: Error Domain=org.brautaset.SBJsonParser.ErrorDomain Code=0 "Input was 'nil'" UserInfo=0xd5e1f40 {NSLocalizedDescription=Input was 'nil'}

Then all the requests in savequeue fail and are repeated endlessly, so I have to use a TTL in shouldSaveObject.

The same requests have no problem when online.

Is something wrong with KinveyKit 1.25.0?

Glad to hear it!
I just checked today's release - KinveyKit 1.26.0 - and it's not happening anymore.

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