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Question: How to upload public image through KCSLinkedAppdataStore?

When uploading images using KCSLinkedAppdataStore the KCSFile created is readable only to the owner.

I know I have to set KCSFileACL to Globally Readable but how am I supposed to do that since I do not upload the image/file using [KCSFileStore upload*] ?

This is not possible. Use the KCSFileStore to do the upload and just store the file id with the object.
The file id should be stored as a KCSFile?

I want images downloaded automatically with a KCSLInkedAppDataStore.
You can probably do something like:

1. Upload the file with KCSFileStore to be public.

2. Take the resulting KCSFile object from the completion block and set it as a linked property on the main object.

3. Subsequent loads through KCSLinkedDataStore should grab the image.
I figured out a different and quite faster for UI updates solution.

I upload file and keep fileid in my object.

So when my image is needed I make a request to the [KCSCollection fileMetadataCollection]

I get the remote_url property and I download the image using AFNetworking methods.

It is a lot faster compared to downloading a file from KCSFileStore and turning it into an image.

Correct me if mistaken!

glad you found a solution
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