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Push Notifications & Code Signing

I am able to receive push notifications when using AdHoc Provisioning profile but unable to when using developer profile.

I want to debug push messages handling but when I use dev profile


[[KCSPush sharedPush] application:application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:deviceToken completionBlock:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {

//if there is an error, try again laster



gets success == NO.

It registers for push but success is NO and as a result I can't receive push.

My push service is deployed to production.


What does the error say?
I don't get an error.

Error is nill and success == NO

Okay, in that case you probably don't have an active user set up. "If there is no active user at the time, the push token is cached and registered automatically registered when the active user is set; in this case, the success value will be NO, but there will also be no error."
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