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Bug saving array of Objects

There seems to be a bug when saving array of entities.


[_store saveObject:@[Obj1,Obj2,Obj3,Obj4] withCompletionBlock:^(NSArray *ObjectsOrNil, NSError *ErrorOrNil)



Store saves only the first object and ObjectsOrNill seem to contain Obj1 four times.

In previous versions of your SDK this worked fine for me but I cannot tell with certainty which was the last one stable.

Is it actually a bug?

Hey Arris, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'll make sure Mike sees this.
I'm not able to reproduce, all our multi-object saving tests work as expected. Is there any errors? Can you send sample code to reproduce?
Seems I was overriding isEqual method, in my object Class, incorrectly!

Multi-object saving works as expected!

My bad!

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