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Will Kinvey rewrite KCSlinkedAppdataStore 's saveObject:withCompletionBlock:withProgressBlock: ?

I hope the function KCSlinkedAppdataStore 's saveObject:withCompletionBlock:withProgressBlock: can be modified to saveObject:withOptions:withCompletionBlock:withProgressBlock: so that we can set an uploaded image to be public, which should be easy for Kinvey to achieve.

Otherwise, programmers have to do a lot of stuff on file manipulations, like uploading, orginazing and downloading, to work on image.


Yes, the next major version of the library will have better tools for manipulating linked file metadata. In the meantime the workarounds are that onerous: just use KCSFileStore to save the image as public, and use an object property to save that file's id. You'll see better performance anyway when you download the object, because you'll have access to the data right away, rather than waiting for an image to download at the same time.
Cannot agree more. Thanks.
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