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Facebook profile picture


A user logged into our app with facebook yet his facebook profile photo doesnt show. I need help fixing this. I tried deleting this profile in the database, reinstalling the app, nothing works.

Thank you!

I'm not sure what this means. Do you think you could help me just reinstall this users profile? Thank you!

So there are a couple things that could be causing this, I am going to assume it is related to permissions first. Everything stored in Kinvey has an `_acl` (access control list), which is used to determine who can see what. Files also have a `_public` flag, used to determine if the file should be visible to everybody without even requiring a kinvey account.

You can get more info on these here:


I would recommend attempting to find his profile picture in the file api, and removing it. If profile pictures work for everyone else, use that some code to re-upload his profile picture, and let me know if that works!

The problem is just with this one user. It's the same problem on different devices. The user name is "James Thomas" Our app is on iphone only.

I think I messed something up while going into the googlestorage link of that users image pic in the "userimage" collection.

Could you help...? Thanks!

I'm going to need some more information to be able to help you out with this one-- Is it just this one user that is having the problem, does it work for everyone else? Can you try both a different user on the same device, and his user on a different device?

This will help narrow down if the issue is with the user account, the device, their facebook account, or something else entirely.
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