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kinvey file request return 0 objects and nil error

[KCSFileStore downloadFile: [data objectForKey:@"primary_image"] options:@{KCSFileOnlyIfNewer : @(YES)} completionBlock:^(NSArray *downloadedResources, NSError *error) {

NSLog(@"count %d",downloadedResources.count);

NSLog(@"error %@",error);


thanks for the reply

yes the query succeeds and it return error nil and an empty array , and the same request work from the rest api.

Good afternoon elnaqah,

Where your query succeeds and you're getting back 0 objects, can you make sure that the same request works properly from our rest API?

The two causes for this are either:

0 Objects and the result of a successful query, and there's no error (which gives you a nil value in the program). Or there are files that match, but there's an ACL issue that prevents them from returning.

Please add more information and I'll try to help you some more.

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