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Android Push Notifications don't work

I read manual about push notification for android. At first step, I created Google Project in Console and got ProjectID, ProjectNumber and APIKey. At the second step I should paste ProjectNumber and APIKey at the Kinvey Project's Properties, but on the screenshot is wrote ProjectID. What should I paste in that TextBox?

What I should paste at the file at this line "gcm.senderID=mySenderID" ProjectID or ProjectNumber?

ProjectNumber is autogenerated by Google, ProjectID is created by user.

I used only ProjectNumber, but I also used ProjectID at console and ProjectNumber at property kinvey file. These methods dowsn't work.

I can Register and Unregister Android phone, but I can't get message from server.

The remainder part of the manual I have fully complited.

What am I doing wrong?

Ahh I see how that can be confusing.

Use the `project number`, for one my projects it looks like this: 517053089454. This same number goes both in the console and in the file for your project.

Also, note that you need to create an `api server key` for the api key value (not an android key, a server key).
Thanks, but at Google Developer Console after creating server key, I should fill textbox with IP of server. What is the correct ip of kinvey server for Google Developer Console and GCM?
Just leave the IP field blank, and that should work.
Thanks, it works
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