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How download file by Name?

I download image from kinvey server, using this code by ID:

this.file = new File(folder, idImage);

this.fileMetaData = new FileMetaData(idImage);

this.fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(file);

client.file().download(fileMetaData, fileOutputStream, new DownloaderProgressListener()



public void onSuccess(Void arg0)

{ //Set File to ImageView }


public void onFailure(Throwable t)

{ //FAIL }


public void progressChanged(MediaHttpDownloader arg0) throws IOException { }


How download images from Kinvey Server by File_Name?
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Does every file have a unique file name? By default the library the uses _id for lookups because each one is guaranteed to be unique.

Check out the javadocs for the File API, there is a download method that takes a query-- can you try this?,,

If you use the query to match a filename it should do it for ya-- although you might need a very specific query because this method will only download the first result returned.
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