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Google+ Login -- What makes a user unique?


I am using Google+ login in my Android app. During testing, I log in a user, and then log them out, and then log them back in.

At one point, the Kinvey backend ended up creating two users with the same email address. So my questions is -- what makes a Google+ logged in user unique? How does the backend determine if the user already exists when I call code like this...


AsyncUser newUser = mKinveyClient.user();

newUser.loginGoogle( ...);

BTW - I am setting the user's email property (after logging in) manually using code like this:

mKinveyClient.user().put("email", gplayUserEmail);

mKinveyClient.user().update( ... )



I had a chance to look at this some more, and think that I have resolved my issue. I think I had a race condition in one test where it ended up doing two concurrent logins.
Hey Wade, Glad you solved it! If you have further issues let us know!
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