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CityWatch issue

The CityWatch tutorial


creates a "Reports" collection but the code uses the CityWatch

collection to store the entities.


"Create a "CityWatch" collection to store the data for each meal

uploaded by the users."

and in the code

" kinveyClient.appData("CityWatch", CityWatchEntity.class).save(ent,

new KinveyClientCallback()"

I am getting this error:

Object at URL

has og:type of 'website'. The property 'products' requires an object

of og:type 'patadeali:products'.


Please let me know if this a bug on your side or if I'm doing something wrong.

Hey, I think this is a configuration issue, `patadeali:products' isn't a part of CityWatch, so make sure your app is hitting the right facebook app.

This might be using the configuration from the app we are discussing here:
I know. I was just stating the CityWatch issue as something I noticed in the tutorial.

I'm using the correct configuration with Products collection (I think) and I get this link:

Why would it be returning a og:type of website when the URL source code shows the correct tag for og:type with value of "patadeali:products"

Hi Adnaan,

I'm confused. It seems like you are using a different configuration than the CityWatch tutorial recommends. Like Ed said above, "patadeali:products" is not a part of CityWatch. Have you done the tutorial the entire way through using the recommended configuration?
I think opening this issue confused stuff. My aim was to point out that in the CityWatch tutorial you use a "Reports" collection while the code on github used a "CityWatch" collection. This has no relation my issue. I just found it confusing when I was going through the tutorial. It would be good to use the same collection name in both cases.
Ah, I understand now. Thanks so much for the clarification. We'll check it out and update the docs as appropriate. :)
No problem. I would really appreciate if you can look at my comments on the "Can't post to Open Graph" post. There seems to be a couple of issues with how images are handled for posting to OG.

1) The filename is not enough to serve as the og:image contents

2) Even if the I use the full path authentication is needed which prevents facebook from displaying that image.

Any thoughts?
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