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LOCAL_FIRST: No sync from Backend even Online

I using save and get with LOCAL_FIRST. The data changed in android is normally update to the Backend, BUT data changed in the Kinvey Backend is not update in the Android device after a online get. Using LOCAL_FIRST it never checks Backend updates.

I waited to some time to give a chance to the background sync proc work.

The program works if I change to ONLINE_FIRST mode.


LOCAL_FIRST should update entities in the local store immediately if the request is successful, and if it fails, it should queue up a sync request to be executed later. Note that any queued requests will be executed whenever a later offline request is executed, as long as the device is online.

Can you keep an eye on your logs?

If you see this message `Offline Request - Online execution!` and it is *not* followed by `caught an online exception, but it's ok -> ...`, then the store should be updated with the response of that request. If you do see the `caught an online exception...` message, then it will be queued.

After a request is queued, subsequent requests will trigger the sync service. Keep an eye out for: `Kinvey Sync Execution is gonna happen! Device connected.`, or `Kinvey Sync Execution is not happening, device is offline.` If you see the first message, keep an eye on the logs and you should see information about the status of the syncing.

Also, take a look at our troubleshooting guide:

this will add explicit http logging, which might help troubleshoot any issues.
Hi Andre, were you able to get further along through analysis of the log as Ed described here?
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