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Issue on load collection

Getting Kinvey issue very often today... was not able to work properly![]( "")

Everything is looking good from our end (no downtime in the past 24 hours). The most likely culprit is a bad network connection or proxy interference. Kinvey's management console will display this error when just one network call fails.

If you continue to experience the problem you can try to perform a traceroute from the host computer / network where you're experiencing the problem and see if there are any obvious issues that stand out.

Here’s the steps to do that traceroute (it will probably take a few minutes for the trace to complete):

For Windows:

1. Go to Start (start button on the lower left of the desktop)

2. Choose ‘Run’

3. Type: “cmd” (no quotes)

4. This should bring up a DOS prompt. Once there, type: “tracert” (without quotes and including the subdomain)

For Mac:

1. Open Network Utility from your Utilities folder, select the Traceroute tab, enter “” (without quotes and including your subdomain) and click the trace button.



I'd also recommend checking any pre-fetch or post-fetch business logic for this collection. View the logs on the collection hook add-on and see if there are any errors occurring.
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