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no verification email being sent albeit it returned success

Hi guys,

I tried to send verification email from java code but there was no email being sent out as I did not receive any email albeit it returned success. below are my code:

final AsyncUser asyncUser = mKinveyClient().user();

asyncUser.create(username, password, new KinveyUserCallback() {


public void onSuccess(User u) {

u.put("email", email1);

asyncUser.update(u, new KinveyUserCallback() {

mKinveyClient().user().sendEmailVerification(new KinveyUserManagementCallback() {


public void onFailure(Throwable e) {

Log.e("send email verification failed : ", e.getMessage());



public void onSuccess(Void unused) {

Log.i("send email verification success send to ", email);






Appreciate any help please. Thanks !


Mark Thien

Hey there Mark,

Can you please confirm that the email address you were using to test this exists and is typed properly? We haven't been able to reproduce this internally at this time.

I am too unable to send Email Verification request. It gives me following error when I tr to do so. MissingRequestParameter
A required parameter is missing from the request


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