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Backbone Social Login

Hi, I have follow the steps in

Then I try to make a example, following and nothings happens

I have zero knowledge in Backbone, so here is my JS implementation (simple, just to test)

var promise = Kinvey.init({

appKey : 'kid_xxxxxxxx',

appSecret : 'xxxxxx'


promise.then(function(activeUser) {

console.log('keys are ok')

var user = new Kinvey.Backbone.User();

var promise = user.connect('facebook', {

success: function(model, response, options) {

console.log('facebook ok')


error: function(error) {

console.log('Some error')



}, function(error) {



I'm running the script on latest Chrome for Mac


Are you getting any messages/errors in any of the callback functions? Just to confirm, you added both the business logic for OAuth and the related social apps keys in datastore?
Yes, I have added the business login as a hook in Users, and added the keys for facebook/twitter in oauth in data store.

I used the http://baas.kinvey.../app_id for the callback from Facebook/Twitters, is this right?

I don't get any errors, only "keys are ok" on console and nothing more.

Did the authentication pop-up open at all? If it did, can you supply me with your actual app id so I can take a deeper look?
![]( "")

Nevermind, I found the problem. I was trying the script locally and Access-Control-Allow-Origin was blocking it.

When an mobile app is written in backbone I'll have the same problem?

No, as long as you run the app in a web server (i.e. accessing using http), you should be fine.
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