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Is it possible to change ACL for an uploaded file?

If I have an uploaded file, can I change their ACL?, I can't find this topic in the documentation.

If it is possible, how can I make it?

Yes, you can change the file metadata's ACL just like any other Kinvey entity; if you are using the REST API, you can simply use a PUT request. If you are having difficulty finding a way to do this using a specific library, please post in that library's category to get a more specific answer.
Thanks for you answer, I am using the kinvey-angular.js library and I don't know how can update the ACL.
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The file metadata can be updated by using [`Kinvey.File.upload()`]( Unfortunately, you'd have to pass in the actual file as well, the library doesn't handle updating information without this.

As a workaround, you could implement the `PUT /blob/:appKey/:id` request itself, as suggested by Gal. Information on that can be found [here](
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