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Facebook authentication popup on iOS Safari 7.1.2

On iOS Safari 7.1.2, when the SDK pops up a new authentication window via Kinvey.Backbone.connect('facebook') , it just sits there with the 'about:blank' in the location bar. When I go back to the tab that called it and then return to the authentication window, it then proceeds.

Using KINVEY_DEBUG, I see it gets to here:


[Log] ["Obtaining OAuth2.0 credentials for a provider."]

[Log] ["Initiating a create request.",]

[Log] ["Authenticating through App Secret.", ]

when I move back to the original tab, it continues with the authentication:

[Log] ["Initiating a network request.", "POST"]

It seems specific to this OS, has anyone else seen this?
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Daniel, do you have an easy way to share a jsbin or the like to be able to test with? It would help me to be able to debug the reason why safari is behaving so oddly in this respect.

Does it work for you on Android and Desktop?
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