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How do I add a sort order to a query from a collection access?

I'm using Google App Engine.

The following code below works as expected, but I'm trying to find out how to sort the results. I would like to sort by a specific key.

Collection collection = new Collection("Collection");

Query query = new Query();

query.equals("key", value).lessThan("key", value).greaterThan("key", value);

try {

List docs = collection.find(query, null);

} catch (CollectionAccessException cae) {


Most of the examples i see online recommend something like collection.find(query, null).sort(); but that doesn't seem to be supported by the Kinvey implementation on Google App Engine.

I don't see "sort" being available at all. Perhaps you are looking for this?

var query = new Kinvey.Query();

query.limit(5).equalTo('last_name', 'Doe').ascending('first_name');

You just use 'ascending' as a property of the query rather than 'sort'.

Of course, I haven't every touched the Google App Engine code; so, I could be wrong here.
Unfortunately, the Kinvey Query object in Google App Engine does not have methods for setting a limit or ascending and descending sort. Perhaps someone from Kinvey can clarify this...
That is correct, the Kinvey Query object in GAE currently does not support sort.
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