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Collection Access Exceptions from Google App Engine

We are having issues accessing the collections from Google App Engine. We are getting collection access exceptions due to timeouts.

I'm facing the same problem and it's giving us very tough time as we're in a tight timeline, can anyone from the support team advise about the root cause of that ?! is it an issue with the "Kmongo" server ?! or the integration with google app engine ?!

Appreciate to feedback about it to plan our kinvey-based backend activities accrodingly
What are examples of the queries you are trying to run, and can you provide the exact error text?

I am having an issue with the collection.find() query;

This is the exception: collection access exception while finding :com.kinvey.business_logic.collection_access.CollectionAccessException: Timeout while fetching URL:

This issue should be resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please attempt again and let me know your results.

I am still getting the same error while fetching from kinvey accessing the collection through REST API using my JAVA code snippet. And it keeps persisting. Kindly revert back ASAP

Mukund:  You should not be seeing any errors of this sort, can you ensure your GAE code is working correctly and that you are calling response.complete in your business logic?


No, there are no pre/post fetch hooks on the collection.

Also, when I do impose a limit of given number 'n' models in the response, which is '80' in my case, the logic works fine.

Kindly look into it and let me know why this is happening, as a vital reporting business logic works on this module?



I don't understand what you wrote there, can you please help me rephrase that so I am better able to help you?


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