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mapReduce within the custom end point started failing with mongoDB internal error

So we have a custom end point that does a mapReduce call and has been working for sometime. I checked today and its failing with a mongoDB internal error. If I pass any variable through scope to the mapReduce function, its doesnt get visible in the mapper function and hence the error. Below is a stripped down code sample to show the problem.

var mapFnV2 = function(){


var foo = test; // THIS IS THE ERROR LINE. VAR test IS NOT VISIBLE.


emit(strDt, {"data" : value});


var reduceFnV2 = function(k, v) {

var reduced = {"data":[]};


return reduced;





{ out: {inline:1},

scope: { test: "pankaj"},

query: queryStr,


function(err, collection) {

if (err) {

modules.logger.error("mapreduce failed: " + JSON.stringify(err));

return response.error(400);


else {

response.body = collection;

return response.complete(200);



"mapreduce failed: {\"code\":\"MongoError\",\"message\":\"An error has occurred within MongoDB while trying to execute your query\",\"mongoErrorCode\":16722,\"mongoErrorMessage\":\"exception: ReferenceError: test is not defined near 'var foo = test;
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This was due to a software bug that has now been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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