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Error Using nearSphere in kinvey-sdk java project


I face the following kinvey error when I try to use the nearSphere method from kinvey-sdk java project:

om.kinvey.business_logic.collection_access.MongoRequest$HttpResponse parseAsListMap: parseAsListMap.body: {"error":"KinveyInternalErrorRetry","description":"The Kinvey server encountered an unexpected error. Please retry your request","debug":"can't find any special indices: 2d (needs index), 2dsphere (needs index), for: { brandid: \"1\", location: { $nearSphere: [ 55.173419, 25.095782 ], $maxDistance: 5 } }"}

Any advices about that ?!
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Kinvey's location queries only work on the _geoLoc attribute of any collection. This error occurs because your location field is not indexed for geolocation queries.

For more information on location querying, see our location guide
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