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App not working


My app is not working today. I made the payment yesterday.

The custom endpoints are not working since yesterday evening.

Can you please help me fix this issue.

Hey Joshua,

I'm looking into this now, I'll update you asap.
Kinvey promised me as below:

Your app(s) TestApp are not affected by this pricing update. Your usage level was free under the previous pricing, and it continues to be free under the new model. We are just giving you a head’s up that we’ve made some changes. The only difference you’ll experience during this time is that is no longer an active email. Instead we’re answering questions on our Community Forum.

But now custom endpoints are not working.

Can you please help me fix this issue.



Thank You so much Caroline.

Waiting to fix this issue.
Also one more thing,

I accidentally selected the indie plan 200$/month in the billing section of my app called #selfie.

Now i cannot change it back to free plan.

Can you please help me fix this too.

Thanks in advance.
Now it started working.

But still two custom endpoints, userSelfieRank and socialRank still not working.

Hi Joshua,

Addressing several of your questions:

1) On the pricing update. That email you received was from November, if your app went over 100 active users, as per the legacy pricing model, your app incurs charges, as normal. The email you received was a notice about your app, not a promise.

2) The issues you are experiencing seem to be related to a "count" issue with Business Logic, we are working to resolve.

3) I've put in a request to change your plan back to legacy since you accidentally upgraded to Indie. You should see this change reflected soon.
Thank you so much Caroline.

Appreciate your immediate attention and fixing the problem.

Hello Caroline,

I posted an issue with a similar problem yesterday, as my app was working smoothely and suddenly stopped working starting yesterday evening - we're doing and integration with google app engine under free plan - without exceeding the free users quota for the free usage with app ID: kid_VPrme-faaf

Can you please assist in this as it's critical issue for our project?!


Hi Caroline

Can you please put back my test app also to legacy.


Updated in another thread, too, but we deployed the fix for this.
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