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Business Logic Execution Time Limit

Can I get some more info on how this is calculated and limitations?

I assume the time limit includes any collection data lookups.

What kinds of business logic operations typically run into trouble?

How likely is it that a client would exceed a 2s limit due a large collection lookup? And if so, would the same lookup fail every time effectively locking the client out?

We have some fairly simple business logic and a trivial amount of test data and we're getting a BLTimeOutError on average about every 15 minutes or casual queries. Our business logic simply queries a handful of collections for new items and returns the combined results.

I'm concerned that if I'm getting this on simple tests, I won't be able to operate a heavy production volume.

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The types of business logic that run into trouble typically are outbound requests. Querying multiple collections within a single piece of business logic code can also be problematic, depending on how the logic is implemented and what types of queries are running. The size of the collection isn't necessarily an issue, but rather the query operators used, the method used to combine the data, etc.

I would recommend looking at the async module for processing results if you're not already, and run some of your operations in parallel or use its iterator functions to iterate through results.

Also, if the timeout threshold does become an issue for the code you are running and you can't optimize it further, we do offer higher timeouts on different pricing plans.
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