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New Unexpected error in our App Engine BL Logic

Suddenly we are getting the below error while exciting any action on a collection with an app engine collection hook, just today morning this wasn't happening and we didn't change anything in the app engine code..

Unrecognized field "tempObjectStore" (class com.kinvey.business_logic.KinveyRequest), not marked as ignorable (7 known properties: , "method", "body", "username", "params", "headers", "collectionName", "entityId"])

at [Source:; line: 1, column: 1611] (through reference chain: com.kinvey.business_logic.Request["arguments"]->com.kinvey.business_logic.CollectionArguments["request"]->com.kinvey.business_logic.KinveyRequest["tempObjectStore"])

Hey Ivan and Michael,

There is a related issue that came up yesterday along with this issue I created a separate thread

I initially thought it had something to do with the iOS SDK, but it looks like it is on the server side.

Can you please check or have someone from your team check on this. We have production app that is broken due to this change.


This has been resolved - the errant parameter is no longer being passed in App Engine BL. As Ivan said, we're also improving our test coverage for this particular type of issue. We apologize for the issue.
Apologies for the problem. We are deploying a fix shortly. The fix is to simply remove the new field. We are also fixing this gap in our automated test coverage.

Medium term, we will release a new SDK which locks in the protocol and let's us add more properties without disrupting anything.
This is a serious isssue. Surprised that Kinvey made this change that basically affects everyone using App Engine without warning.

I was able to temporarily fix this by making the following changes to the KinveyRequest class in the Kinvey business logic SDK.

@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)

public class KinveyRequest {

adding the JsonIgnoreProperties lets the object mapping skip new unrecognized fields.
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