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Relational Data with custom BL

Sorry for so many questions as of late...

I'm trying to understand the best way to set up entities with relational connections using the "KinveyRef" model. It doesn't seem like this is easily done as of yet. I just read this:

"In the future we plan to provide helper methods, or to make the same syntax as JS library available in BL."

In my custom BL, when I manually nest objects with

_type: "KinveyRef"

_collection: "collectionName"

And insert them into my entity, it doesn't seem to resolve the same way versus doing it on the client side with:

$'topics', angular.copy($scope.topic), {

relations : { files: 'dropbox-uploads' }

We need to do a relatively heavy amount of processing to create our entity, so it doesn't make sense for it to be done client side. Any ideas on when a BL API will be available to make this process a bit easier? Or maybe I'm missing something. :)
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Hey Dave, have you seen our CTO's latest blog post on [Data Modeling in Kinvey]( "Data Modeling in Kinvey")?
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