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Kinvey cli


I want to be able to use the cli with different kinvey logins. I'm on windows.

The problem is once i have successfully connected with a pair of credentials, i have no way to use other credentials. Even with the options --email and --password.

I could not find where those credentials are stored the first time i do an init.... It supposed to be in a .kinveySession file but i can't find it anywhere.

How can i achieve what i want ?



Hey Avi, Glad you found what you were looking for! I'll make sure that your suggestion gets passed on to the engineering team.
Looks like the .kinvey-session file (i was looking for .kinveySession) is located in C:\Users\.

By deleting this file i can connect to another kinvey repo, and this is fine for now.

Still i think that passing credentials to the kinvey cli should update the session file so it is easier to switch between kinvey repos.

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