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Fetched user is missing data

I am fetching a user using "lookupByFacebookIDBlocking" (this is a workaround until previous question is answered) and have managed to get the user that I added. The problem is that all of the data that I put in using "user.put(KEY, VALUE)" is missing. I keep getting null values. The only data that is appearing is the username, Id, and facebook info. Here is the code snippit I use to fetch the user data:

User[] results = users.lookupByFacebookIDBlocking(iFriend.getId()).execute();, "received "+ results[0].get(USER_NAME));//Returns null

Is the data inserted using put restricted?

Hey Ed,

I've made sure to update the user and I can see the data in the backend, but when I try to access user.get(USER_NAME), I get null but I should get "sha". I printed out the user and this is what I see:

FriendList: USER: {"_id":"54bf704b4bec78f429c03b0c","username":"b98ca1c7-6b08-441d-abe4-170457121e6c","_socialIdentity":{"facebook":{"id":"662444754"}}}

None of the data I stored with put is there even though I can see it in the backend.
Calling `put` on a `User` only updates that object locally on the client, you will have to call update to push these changes to your backend.

for example:

User[] results = users.lookupByFacebookIDBlocking(iFriend.getId()).execute();

User myUser = results[0];

myUser.put(USER_NAME, "my username!");


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