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Using API Console to Push doesn´t works


First, sorry if I am posting my topic to wrong place.

I am testing api console to send push to my device.

I have trying to send a push notification to my device app using API Console but it never arrives in my device. The http response is ok, but the push messade doesn´t go to device.

If I use kinvey engagement all is ok and I receive the push on my device.

If I use https and I connect to kinvey with my programming delphi language of programmimg to send push, sometimes, my device receives a only push and stops to receive other. Then, immediatelly if I send the push using engagement service, I can receive the push in my device again.

Can you help me?

My business logic is:

function onRequest(request, response, modules) {

var iOSAps = request.body.iosaps;

var push = modules.push;

var iOSExtras = request.body.iosextras;

var androidPayload = request.body.androidpayload;

var androidmessage = androidPayload.message;

push.broadcastPayload(iOSAps, iOSExtras, androidPayload);

response.body = {"message": "sent:"+ androidmessage};

response.complete( 200 );


Here is the post request and response using kinkey api console.
POST /rpc/kid_-JAu4y8k1l/custom/MyEndPoint Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXX= X-Kinvey-API-Version: 3 Content-Type: application/json {"androidpayload": {"message": "You have a new Message1", "from": "Kinvey", "subject": "Welcome to BL1" }}


HTTP/1.1 200 SUCCESS Fri May 01 2015 09:14:03 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)

{ "message": "sent:You have a new Message1" }