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Add a cooldown period between sending push notifications?

Right now I have a onPostSave hook that pushes a message notifying a user's devices that there is new data. However, with my app, users can modify many items at once which will each call save triggering onPostSave and sending a bunch of push notifications within a short time. I'd like to add a minimum amount of time (eg 5~10s) until a user will trigger another push notification in onPostSave. Is there anyway to do that?

Can I modify a queried user inside business logic? That way I can put the current moment.unix() into a user and compare that before sending a push notification. The problem with that is if onPostSave doesn't send a push notification due to it being too close to the last push notification, then I have to wait till the next onPostSave until a push notification is sent and who knows how long that will be. I guess I could kind of solve that by having a scheduled task every 5 mins that checks users for any pending "cancelled" push notifications. 

Ideally, there would be a way to say "wait 10s and if another onPostSave doesn't happen, send the push notification". But I think that would require a longer logic timeout long logic timeout which I cannot afford.

Otherwise I could probably do this internally in my app instead with custom endpoints.

Is there anyway to do this?

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Good morning,

This would be a fairly involved process in which you would add a timestamp to the user table, and before sending a push, you would check the timestamp, compare, and if it was more than x since the last push, push again.

You can look at using CollectionAccess ( ) which may make this a little bit easier for you.


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