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Where I can enter the name of my company to generate the invoice?

I can not find where I can enter my company name and address, so that it can generate the invoice the plan I have selected.

Good morning, This depends on what tier of plan your are interested in buying. Please contact me and I will be in touch with you about this. Thanks,
Good morning, Thank You. The plan I selected is the "Indie". The portal already my card details for payment.
Good morning, I believe that we will automatically generate bills at appropriate intervals for your current plan level going forward. Please let me know if you're having trouble otherwise. Thanks,
Good morning, I certainly hope that the charges made in the periods indicated. However, what I find on the site, is where I can capture my company name and address, so that the bill has that information. I only asked for the number of my credit card, but not the company name and address. I appreciate, information on where I can capture this information. Thanks for following my questions.
Good morning, For the indie developer plans we do not capture this information at this time. Thanks,
Good morning Damian: In my work I need to submit an invoice for payment corresponding to indie plan. This invoice, requires the name and address of the company, when will request this information for the invoice to be generated by the payment of $ 200 USD ?. Thank You.
Good morning, We simply charge the card on file, there is a receipt generated when the charge goes through, but I don't think that there is an invoice. I do not handle billing so I cannot provide a comment on when the billing cycles open / close. Thanks,
Demian good morning. You mean that simply make a charge to the card without invoice ?. When making the payment, send an email notifying me ?. Thank You.
That is correct, There is a monthly charge without invoice, we send out a receipt afterwards to notify you that you have paid for the month. Thanks,
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