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how insert _id for facebook in datastore ? Hence it cannot modified normally? for: how insert **_id** for facebook in datastore? **Hence it cannot modified normally?** see attachment from 1st URL above. ![]( "")

Lse123: You can do this by going to the console > API console > /appdata//YourCollection. Change from get to post then enter: { "_id": "facebook", "consumer_key": "123456789", "consumer_secret": "1234567899999" } And follow the oauth guide from there. Thanks,
how change from get to post, and where is this, and also where enter and submit?
1. Click on get, it's a drop down menu. When you do so select post. 2. A box will appear when you select post, after entering your post, hit the send request button as you would with any API command. Thanks,
worked thanks!
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