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How do I get the session authorization token from iOS sdk?

I need to have another service make a user-authenticated call into my Kinvey backend. Basic auth isn't an option. How do I get the session auth token from the iOS SDK so I can have the other service provide the "Authorization: Kinvey ___user session auth token goes here" header?

Hey Ben, I wanted to let you know that I'm looking into this for you, it's just taking me a bit longer than expected. I will hopefully get back to you with a solution in the coming couple of days. Thanks,
Obtaining the session auth token from the iOS SDK is deprecated "for security". Someone recommended making a second login call with the REST API to get the session auth back explicitly. I haven't attempted to verify this works, or what corner cases no longer work as a result.
Ben, We were having an internal discussion about this exact thing. I know that it was deprecated for security purposes and I'm trying to hunt down the way to make an explicit call to get it for you. Thanks,
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