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Connecting to AWS - supported or not?

This post suggests connecting to AWS is not possible:

This post suggests it is possible:

What is the real answer?

In general, you can connect to anything using to Business Logic.  The ability to pass / manipulate data in real time is considerably limited for free users (to 2 second execution time).  

It's also worth mentioning that your exact use case would need to be known before I could say whether or not you could use AWS.  If you need to sign things (as mentioned in the above example), our codebase has completely changed in the last 2 years.

Can you please be a bit more specific about your needs?


I need to be able to export data to S3 with a push of a button. Is that possible?



We do not offer out-of-the-box functionality that would give you this ability at this time.


In that case do you offer a hosting where I could store the rest of my app?

What I need is to be able to serve my app from a custom url/directory in a push of a button. 

Example: this is the budget of the Borough of Greenwich

it is served from location uk/london/greenwich/2015/

If I create a budget of the Borough of Barnet I want that to be served from uk/london/barnet/2015/.

But Kinvey does not provide hosting, or does it?


We do not offer web-hosting.  You could create custom endpoints and have them serve whatever data you wanted.  Alternatively you could just set up a web-redirect for to pass everything else off as parameters to your endpoint.


That makes sense, thanks

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