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Business Logic Script not executed, called by another script?



I do have a collection ("a") where i do some stuff on the "preSave" phase - At least saving a entity into another collection ("b"). Problem: On the collection b i have some scripts inside the preSave - but it seems that this script is ignored? (I've checked if it's ignored manually, but it's not bypassing)

Any idea? Should i insert he object by calling a rest api from the businesslogic instead using collectionaccess - does this make any difference?

best, Nico


You are correct on both counts.  When you send a save from Business Logic A to collection B, collection B's pre-save logic will not be triggered.  If you need to do so, you can call this via API (within business logic).  

Do you have any other questions?


Ah okay, maybe mention it in the docs? (or did i just not found it?) Took me way to much time to figure it out ... :/


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