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Swift and redundant conformance


I'm new to iOS and Swift and I'm trying to query my Kinvey store.

I have followed the documentation :

class Event: NSObject, KCSPersistable {



but XCode tells me "Redundant conformance of 'Event' to 'KCPersistable'".

Am I wrong ?

Thank you

The solution was to use something like : 

override func setValue(value: AnyObject?, forUndefinedKey key: String) {
	if key == "myField" {
		myField = value as? Int
	} else {
		super.setValue(value, forUndefinedKey: key)


Thanks Damien !

Hi, Damien:

Can you explain why the KCSPersistable error is arising in the first place?



Is it because you've added a category to NSObject that adheres to KCSPersistable?


Mp Rogers,

I believe we used to adhere to KCSPersistable, but don't anymore, this was a change around 1.40.1 if I had to guess.


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